A week with the major version of the windows NT, here's what you ought to know about windows 11

Alright, so it's been a week or two since Windows 11, a major version of the windows NT developed by Microsoft was officially released to the public. At the moment it's a free upgrade for windows 10 PCs. for the upgrade, you can download a copy of windows 11 from Microsoft's official website https://www.microsoft.com/en-us/software-download/windows11 or simply upgrade your windows 10 to 11 via windows update in settings. Now updated for KB5006674, released on October 12 2021. The operating system was initially released on October 5, 2021. Microsoft announced the availability of Windows 11, which began as a slow, phased rollout, expected to reach all eligible devices by the middle of 2022. But a Windows launch isn't the end process, it's really just the beginning. As Microsoft fans, what can you share as experience while using not just windows 11 for this past week but your overall experience with every operating system Microsoft has ever released starting from Windows XP till the current windows 11. For us we'll share with you some quickies of our experience with windows 11, no doubt you may have read different experiences, feedback and reviews on the net but this is media, everyone has their opinions when it comes to trending stories, events, incidents, innovations etc. First things first, it's the design, it has a glossy look and the start menu is in the middle of the screen by default however users have the option to switch to the side if they want. what's interesting is that the operating system comes with Microsoft teams reasons why most people already term it the best operating system for collaboration, communication, teamwork, furthermore what really caught our interest is the fact that android apps can run on windows 11. So your PC alone can be like both a tablet and smartphone except for the fact that you can't make calls. The Apps aspect is possible due to a joint collaboration between Amazon and Microsoft. Apps(Android) are being loaded from the Amazon App store into the Microsoft windows app store made possible via intel's bridge technology. Apps will be searched from window's app store normally but if a user finds an android app and clicks on it, they will first need to be signed into an amazon account before they can download the app. If it's your first time, you will need to download Amazon's Appstore app for windows. It's basically not going to be so native as a traditional device built with its store per se but they are going to try as possible to minimize the gap.

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