CONSUMER TIP: The DO's and DON'Ts when Buying Smartphones and PCs.

Economically, Monopoly is a kind of system that's gradually being erased from the business world; because technically nowadays every business faces competition(about 90% or so). And, thanks to this fact, Consumers are being bombarded every now and then with a wide variety of choices from manufacturers and resellers dealing with tech products most especially smartphones and PCs making prices of these items to be somewhat affordable by every individual because of the competitive nature of these goods and or services. Now as time unfolds, technology also evolves, more manufacturers join the market bringing with them different design technologies and electronic craftsmanship with outstanding features that are geared towards making an impression, winning the market, and gaining sales. However, in the course of this race to prove who is better?, some brands surpass others and create names for themselves Such as Samsung, Apple, Huawei, LG, etc. Personally judging from situations, It's like smartphones are one of those things that easily get a brand noticed since everyone uses them, and most importantly, they provide a quick turnover, no wonder a vast majority of tech manufacturers have either diverted from their initial line of business or have incorporated smartphone manufacturing as part of their trade, for example, Huawei which is a telecommunication Hardware provider but now producing phones, Microsoft initially a sole software company but also producing phones, Razer which is a big manufacturer of gaming laptops is also now into phones, etc.. Let us not be surprised about MSI and the rest manufacturing phones in subsequent times. However, the good thing is they all still maintain their trademarks, and no matter the market situation, people can still note something peculiar about them. That is why whether they end up producing trash, there will always be buyers because of the size of their brand names.


Going back to our topic, The DO's and DON'Ts when buying smartphones and or PCs. I decided to put this up to help consumers know what and how to buy. This will include two key tips for consumers. Note that as varieties ply the market, the choice becomes an enigma for most people especially if they are on a tight budget. I will like to cite that, there is always something you can get with your budget that is if you are one who is not concerned or have issues with brand names. That notwithstanding, let's get some consumer tips (The DO's and DON'Ts)

DON'T Buy a tech product based on what the manufacturer promises it will do in subsequent times when it has been software upgraded. What if there is no upgrade then You are stock. But DO so based on what that product can serve you at the moment. In order to make sales, some manufacturers promise added features to the phone via its software when it will be updated, however you can't rely on a promise. so it's advisable to buy based on what you see and experience at the moment

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DON'T buy based on Brand names if you are on a budget tie, some phones already have their names ringing in the market and as such, they tend to be very expensive. Others are still struggling to make an impression as such they tend to drop their prices. It's always important to weigh your options. If the brand name isn't your thing, then you have no problems as you can always buy a high-quality smartphone at a lesser price from a not-so-popular manufacturer. For example, Nokia produces impressive good smartphones cheaper than Samsung and Apple. Check the impressive Nokia 8.3 only at $699 By HMD Global. Our subsequent post will constitute the best smartphones at a cheaper rate by Nokia DON'T buy a phone without any warranty or Guarantee. Always ensure to understand the resellers' return policy, you don't wanna get stuck with a phone that's beginning to pose problems not long from the date of purchase. this applies to PCs and major other electronics. Particularly for Laptops/PCs, DON'T buy those which have their power keys affiliated or found on the keyboard. Read my article on Facts to consider when buying PCs. You will also learn about factors that kill laptops ASAP DO buy a phone that meets your requirements, and most importantly satisfies your needs and not according to the brand. This will save you cost. NEUTRAL: There are so many smartphone manufacturers in the market all trying to prove something extraordinary about their smartphones. At some point, you will notice they all center around design, Rams and ROMs capacity, etc. and personally, I think it shouldn't really matter which year a phone was released, in as much as these phones meet your needs, go for it and safe yourself a lot of budgets but then it is still no harm going for a phone that was released yesterday provided you are sure about it, But then... DON'T be in a haste to buy the most recently released phones. reasons being that, the majority are still being tested and every error will likely be corrected only in its second edition.

So this rounds up the few things I have observed and decided to share with readers. I will keep updating this article as need be. please like, share, or comment. if you do have any contributions to add. hit the comments or privately via the contact form. I am also open to consultation on the best IT equipment to use when starting a business or setting up an office. stay safe and peace

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