Do you know Passion and Love increases productivity? here’s how

passionate team
Passion over pay brings more pay, happy team

Love comes from the heart likewise passion, All from within. Over the years, it’s so hard to clearly distinguish between love and passion as these two often comprehend each other. Love can develop into passion and passion can extend to love and vice versa. And because you love or have a passion for what you do, you are not really gonna notice if it’s bringing in incomes or not neither will you notice if you are straining or having some degree of uncomfortability or not. Statistics shows that the things that are done out of love and passion turn to excel more as these things are often done when the hearts is at its lightest rates, you may not be having a good start of the day but because you involve yourself in what you love doing that alone creates a light atmosphere. Numerology tells us we either carry positive energies or negative ones, there's no inbetween. And in whichever state you are in, it may influence those around with a weaker force or energy around you, who could be your employees, co-workers or perhaps clients. Think of it as the process of diffusion or osmosis in physics and Biology respectively. That is why we strongly recommend you do things out of love and passion. Now when it comes to choosing between pay and passion, head for passion, that will definitely develop into something big and more to that you are gonna do that with peace in the heart, on the other way round, choose pay and you will still just be needing more pay, no matter how much you may earn, it just won't be enough to suffice your needs.

The things we do out of love and Passion should be all that matters, not the income it may bring, that alone may fail. For us and me personally, we focus more on outcomes, putting in a substantial amount of love and passion. Combining these now brings income. So we share with you to not do things for the income, instead invest more for the outcome and that will bring the real income. This is number one code for T&T connecting Spot. We exist because of passion and love, passion for everything relating to our business, our clients, success, growth etc. We believe our passion reached you, that’s why you are here reading this post. Let's hear your thoughts. Remember in whatever you do, let it reflect your passion be it an employee or an employer.

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