Don't change your N9-phone yet! Nokia 9 pureview has received new February 2021 updates

NOKIA 9 PUREVIEW has received new February security updates and its just 30.86MB to download. Nokia as you may know is one of the oldest phone manufacturers long before the apple and a host of others. long before android, they have been the kings of Symbian. And currently though the stiffness in competition with other trending manufacturers, they still struggle to keep up with speed of tech innovation. Talking about the 9 pureview, If photos and videos are your things, the Nokia 9 pureview has got 5 cameras with Zeiss optics. Each of the 12mp cameras works simultaneously and in perfect unison collects up to 10 times more light than a single smartphone camera color1 sensor. The results: photos with a superb dynamic range that capture detail and texture from both the highlights and shadows, plus incredible depth-of-field and vibrant, truest-to-life color. Though recent smartphones share almost similar features and functions, it might interest you to know that Nokia-branded phones are getting updated to new versions of Android significantly faster than phones from Samsung, LG, Xiaomi, Huawei, or any other major smartphone manufacturer, according to a new study. running android 9.0 pie ungradable to android 10 and of course a possibility of reaching 11. it has an Oled display behind a Glass front (Gorilla Glass 5), glass back, aluminum frame, 6GB Ram, and 128GB space. The device is sure to meet your need and certainly Nokia doesn't relent on its software updates, not even on the Nokia 8 Sirrocco.

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