GLT and VAR are great players in Football innovations, but what if one is to be eliminated?

As nearly accurate as it is in defining goals installation of the goal-line technology doesn't come cheap. A league would have to spend approximately $260,000 per stadium, and a further $3,900 each game. At this time, the cons of goal-line technology seem to outweigh the pros In the Premier League it has cost each team around £250,000 to install the systems. That’s an indication of the costs for all countries. So far, only Bigger competitions, with more money, have introduced goal-line technology. England, France, Italy and Germany use the system. we wonder if costs of goal-line technology prohibit smaller leagues of using this watch? Well since the introduction of VAR, a cheaper option to Goal line technology, There has been increasing arguments as to which serves best during a game. While advocates for goal-line technology maintain that it would significantly reduce refereeing errors during play, there are also criticisms of the technology. Much of the criticism came from within FIFA itself including former FIFA president Sepp Blatter. Apart from the criticisms revolving around the technical aspects of the two proposed technologies, critics point out that such technology would impact on the human element of the game and remove the enjoyment of debating mistakes however VAR critics say it(VAR) creates too much stops during the gameplay thereby killing the game's enthusiasm. At this point what do you have to say in the case of one being eliminated? keep in mind GLT clears goal doubts, VAR clears actions that may lead to undeserving goals but football is all about goals. thoughts

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