How Adopting some Animal Instincts Towards business could actually boost its success?

This could sound like the weirdest article ever written but I want you to see the sense in it. Success is what everyone wants or at least hopes to get which is very good, that alone is optimism which is essential for any aspiring person or business that wants to grow, be it partnership entrepreneurial, sole proprietorship, community projects, teams, and whatever. While it is common to hear hard work brings success and to an extent some people say a little amount of luck also contributes. yea definitely correct in most cases but then there is a little more you can add to boost your success rate or perhaps hasten it. So in this post, I have attributed some of these little things to some animal instincts you can inculcate. Nice learning from Animals too right?, For me I do. On idle time before the TV watching animal life channels, just feeding myself with amusements of how they do their own stuff, it's pretty cool. Well, as we may know instincts are particular ways in which Animals and Humans behave that are beyond their control. In order words, these habits or characteristics are built into them and they just act according to it. But humans differ a little because they have free will and can control theirs. So back to the topic, If you want success just like we do and hopefully everyone does, you have to adopt some of these Animal instincts or rather characteristics as some listed here may seem. there may be others that you can share in the comments. So, First


The Eagle is said to have an excellent vision, two or three times better than humans, Almost like they can see into the future. you must have a vision of what you are into or what you hope to get into, which will enable you to know when to strike and hit your targets. 90% of Eagles never miss their target preys, why? the answer is because of their vision, they had seen it, and it enabled them to plan and know just when to strike. same with anything or rather anybody aiming for success, have a vision first then you will be able to develop a plan and launch or execute it at the appropriate times. The idea is to see like an eagle


About Lions, there are so many things to learn from them, but I have shortlisted a few. First things first, It might interest you to know Lions don't support inter-breeding, That brings chaos to the pride. For the human side of it, sometimes employing only family members or close relatives could ruin a business especially if these persons clearly don't see in your same visions or objective, as too much familiarity has gotten involve and, like a Boss they might not take you seriously because of course, you can't take harsh decisions on them if they are no longer keeping up to their job demands. that could term you bad or wicked which you may not want. If you have ever watched on Animal TV how Lionesses hunt, then you will have a clear picture of how it is to succeed, plan their target, develop a strategy to attain it, and stay focus on it. During the hunt, there could be thousands of herds running but they are never caught in between like changing target in the course of the chase because the new one was just nearby and easy, No. So stay focus on your target, other things may come in between, seeming so simple to get, That shouldn't divert your attention, If you lose focus, you need to stop and restart the chase in order to pick up fast again or else you get caught in the middle, you may end up trying everything hoping that one will at least work. Quite a good experiment, but not very appropriate in success terms


When it comes to teamwork, give it up for the hyenas and wild dogs. this is just their secret to strength and success, As individuals, there aren't strong but in packs or gangs, they are capable of taking down a lion. So this explains what team spirit could bring, first, there will be a sharing of ideas and a lighter burden or less strain on each participant. For the funny part of it, though they all participate in a hunt, not all of them partake fully in the meal but they may seem happy that the team at least succeeded in their hunt, that's just to say work for a team to succeed not for you to be seen as an individual. with teamwork or some collaboration, there is an 80 to 90% success rate guaranteed especially if the first two points above were put in place. For these two species of Animals, casting them out of the group or pack is tantamount to death, they can't deal with it. This particularly strikes those working in partnerships or groups.


It takes only one single opportunity for success to strike in after perhaps a long term struggle. From there your brand or business begins making its name. Now opportunities don't often come by easily, doesn't mean they are rare to come, of course, they do, you just need to quickly realize it like the cheetah and then make a solid chase. Cheetahs are estimated to run about 60 to 75km an hour at a full chase speed during an attack. Sometimes you need to make a solid push to attain your objectives. In a nutshell, recognize an opportunity and chase it fiercely like a cheetah. It is also worth noting that, with the way Cheetahs make a chase, it is hard for them to lose a target. Many times their kills are stolen from them by other predators but that's okay, It doesn't apply to business scenario.


Last but not the least, So far, the komodo dragon has been said to be one of the topmost patient Animals alongside other reptiles such as Crocodiles, etc. because they could stay for very long periods of time up to weeks or month without food and still be hopeful that they will eat. But what makes it to be in this list is that, After it bites its prey, it follows it's for weeks even up to months before eating it. This is because it waits for the poison it has infiltrated in its target to weaken it before it finally catches up with it. Quite a sad story but we are more interested in the patience issue. So similarly, after a successful startup or launching of your business, you have to give it time to mature, doesn't mean you should fold arms. like the Komodo, you have to be after it gently ensuring things stay on track as you slowly move towards your goal. Interesting to know the Komodo doesn't abandon a prey it has bitten for another. Because things might get sluggish on the way don't you should stop. Have patience but keep striving, they will be a time life will surrender to your pestilence.

So that wraps our post for today, this article is geared towards supporting you in the least way applicable in starting your business or running a successful business. Have you noticed anything unique about animals in relation to how it can help us, humans? share in the comments. For sponsors of this post, we have Tech and Telecom connecting Spot, a social media management agency for Tech, Telecom and Automotive. you can also advertise or buy cars and Gadget electronics from the daily deals page. for more info, Tech and Telecom connecting Spot. Don't forget to subscribe and or share your views about this post

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