HOW DO I GROW?, (the three basic principles)

Definitely no one is still the same way they were like ten years ago or five years ago or any years ago, there has been changes in status, maturity, age, reasoning etc. And that's basically all about growth in common sense. But growth is not all about developing physicality as many will think or may have thought. Now depending on your context or which category you fall, Growth could be in business, success, Education, social status, Career etc. but today we will be focusing more into business, career and general success aspects.

The target point of everyone starting a business or doing something that will uplift their status is to grow. But how do you grow? especially in this context of business, personal life, career etc. The answer is Embedded in these three basic principle foundation aspects; Faith, Trust, Hope. Elements or real life scenarios depicting these three have been made in a 30 seconds video found at the end of this post Note that every other virtuous characters you may develop or need along the way in life pertaining to success will find itself in any of these three enlisted here. So Let's see how. you can grow and what you need to do so.

FAITH: This is the core of every entrepreneur or business starter. Faith in itself is basically believing in things not seen. it encloses vision,will power, belief and confidence. You need to have faith that what you are doing or about to start doing will work, if not why do it?. That will just be a waste of time and resources. The most successful people in the world had faith in their inventories, with that they were able to convince the world about their ideas and today they have experienced massive growth in their businesses or careers. the whole foundation is on faith, keep in mind people can only support you when they see the faith in you and you definitely need people in order to grow. Animals can't buy, but humans can and this brings the second point..

TRUST: Attaining growth in anything particularly business, career, personal life etc. is a process and you need to trust the process so that others will trust you. A business will only grow if it's client trust it else, why will people invest in your ideas if they don't trust what you tell them, remember you need others in order to grow and how can you get them if there isn't trust. Now trust in itself envelopes truth, reliability and availability. keep in mind the last two have the syntax "ability" in them. you need to be able to trust your growth process so that your customers or clients can trust your business. Only then can you grow.

HOPE: It takes Courage too grow and still be who you are, synonymous to still maintaining your positive view on things or simply just sticking to your original plan of Action. Growing is courage and that's why many people tend to abandon who they are and chase after who they find is easy to become. hope envelopes positivism, patience and perseverance. An individual or Entrepreneur needs to have hope that they will grow someday, somehow else if you are not hopeful about growing in any particular domain, them why do it and this still falls back to your clients, they are hoping they will get a solution to their problems, at the same time they are putting on you their trust because they have faith in you and only through humans can you grow. that's simple

So this wraps our three key principles for growth. Keep in mind that all three are a reflection of you by your clients. Have faith so that your clients can see the faith in you and they will place their trust in you and hope they will get a solution. while they do these, you grow and become better, because everyone needs someone to become better. An ambitious man will have all these three. Aliko Dangote, Africa's richest man once said in an interview, a person without ambitions is not suppose to live and to have ambitions is to grow but how can you grow if these three are not put in place.

Thank you for reading and leave your thoughts in the comments, Before then watch our 30 seconds video of elements or scenarios depicting Faith, Trust and hope. you are free to suggest the best possible title to this article.

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