NAVIGATING THE INTERNET (Guides on how to download, and safety precautions online)

The internet is a vast combination of networks, in other words, it is the network of networks, A combination of thousands of routers, WANs, MANs linked up invisibly in the clouds. It hosts a lot of information from millions of sources, and that has been since age. This is a good fact but sometimes really getting something out of the internet could be a mass delay especially for one who is not familiar with using it. I have seen many people give up on a particular search simply because they can't find what they want. 90% of the case is not that they can't actually find what they want but because they just don't know how to search or rather they just don't have the time and patience navigating through search results; Most especially the case of downloads. But in this article, I am going to outline a few tips you can put in place in order to get your required results quickly particularly striking on points related to a download issue. It should also be worth noting that many links could be made available to a download item but not all of them could actually lead to the intended content in particular. With this fact, Security comes in handy and you should be quick to recognize a potentially harmful link even before you click it. Be sure to read till the end for this, I will throw a bit more light with tips below. So, whatever the case, If it's a not-so-private issue, you can leave a comment with what you want to download and we'll suggest relevant links for you. you could still email us directly and we'll search the link for you. If you are a reader and you know the link, help one who doesn't in the comments below. It is said if you light a candle for others, it will also shine on your path. Don't forget to subscribe to this site so you don't get to miss any of our upcoming content Capish?...

(1) KNOW WHAT YOU WANT AND STAY ON TRACK: - This is very important; with the sophisticated nature of the internet, it is possible to easily stumble against an advert or an interesting article and be carried off by the links that are attached to it. keeping in mind what you are searching helps get what you want from the internet quickly.

(2) BE SURE TO USE CORRECT SPELLINGS AND SEARCH TAGS: -Spelling is very important as it helps in resolving accurate results matching your search criteria. With the internet, every letter has a search result so if you use the wrong spellings, you are definitely going to get a result but 95% not related to what you want. Keep in mind that contents on the internet are placed matching search Algorithms. With these results are produced according to the input keywords though search Engines are always intelligent enough to bring us accurate or near accurate results, keep in mind that as their names imply, they are still machines.

(3)TAKE NOTE OF SMALL HIGHLIGHTED TEXT ON SCREEN: - This is most applicable to those wishing to download a particular content. Most websites in my experience seldom display big buttons for a user to quickly identify its download link. Most will just put a little-highlighted text or a point down arrow with an underscore sign beneath. Also, note that about 80% of websites that boldly enlarge and animate the download button often lead you to a third-party website that could be malicious.

(4) VISIT THE SOURCE OR MANUFACTURER WEBSITE: - This is the most efficient and less time-consuming way of downloading from the internet. For those in search of software downloads, it's easy and more secure to go to the manufacturer of your device website. Most manufacturers have the appropriate software or solution to all their devices on their website. for other research purposes visit the organization's website or their social media profiles. Also, make use of Wikipedia as this will always produce easy accessibility to your desired search result including direct links to the content you want.

(5) ASK CORTANA, SIRI OR ALEXA: - While these are mere voice virtual Assistants embedded in Microsoft's windows, Apple's IOS, and Amazon Operating Systems, they are all as well the latest improvements to Technology that uses Artificial Intelligence(AI). With a simple voice command, you could ask these virtual assistants for support in relation to your search criteria. Again keep in mind that you must have a clear speech in order for these devices to pick your words accurately. Voice Virtual Assistance is still a new technology constantly undergoing reformation and might not work as accurately as humans but be sure to get somewhat better results.

So that wraps it. keeping the five points above, be sure to get quick and better results while navigating the internet be it for download or research purposes. Not forgetting security which is very important on the internet field, A few tips I can recommend include:-

(a) Visit only trusted and Secured websites, A quick way to identify websites is they always begin with HTTPS (Hypertext Transfer protocol secured). Unsecured ones will just have HTTP at the beginning meaning security is not a concern to them the host providers. my recommendation for software downloaders is Softonic, Filehippo, etc as these work on secured platforms. Also, beware of domain names with weird spellings as 99.99% of this tend to be malicious sites. you might not wanna click on website links such as,, etc. be sure to always keep your eyes on the down screen just above the taskbar where you'll find the DNS server trying to resolve appropriate websites and it will display some small staus messages beneath the screen. Some malicious links are capable of diverting the DNS server to connect to malicious sites. if you notice this, quickly halt the search before the page opens up.

(b) Have an Antivirus installed on your Systems: This comes in handy and should probably be the first program to be installed on any new Computer system or mobile device after the operating. system. As a matter of fact, while some manufacturers such as APPLE provide security for their operating systems Apps and web surfing. Others leave it at the discretion of the user. So use Antivirus and Anti-malware programs that are capable of scanning even the website you are about to open or at least warn you of potential threats. programs such as Bitdefender, Norton, Avira are good at this task. my upcoming Article will include the best malware program for your everyday use depending on your needs be it as an individual, corporate, or business-wise.

(c)USE VPNs: While this might not be directly relevant to avoiding a malicious website but when it comes to security, no stone should be left unturned. It is important to protect your identity while online for some malicious persons or attackers could just be monitoring your website activity and by chance, they may detect a vulnerability and launch an attack such as a man in the middle(MIM). Timing is all it takes. when hackers are able to monitor your activity, they are indeed able to detect whether you are the type that clicks on every pop-up advertisement. if you are, then they will do just that. Once you click, you have joined their network and they can control your system. A situation that is known as Computer robots.

Thank you for reading until the end. Drop your comments below and be sure to subscribe to updates. If you still face difficulty in downloading a particular content. Drop the title in the comments or email and we will search the link for you. Capish.

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