Stunning innovation: What you probably need to know about The Sisyphus Tech Table

The concept behind the Sisyphus Tech table dates back to ancient Greece. Just to illustrate, In Greek mythology, Sisyphus or Sisyphos was the king of Ephyra. He was punished for his self-aggrandizing craftiness and deceitfulness by being forced to roll an immense boulder up a hill only for it to roll down every time it neared the top, repeating this action for eternity. A lot of us must have come across a video of a man rolling a boulder up a steep mountain and some person use it to depict some aspect of a struggling man who is not supposed to give up in life no matter the circumstances he encounters.

The Sisyphus is a kinetic art table designed by Bruce Shapiro, A medical scientist who abandoned his medical practices about twenty-five years ago to venture on a quest that will unite technology with the meditative practices of sand arts. It's worth noting that sand in ancient times was also a great tool in setting time. Bruce has actually been making sculptures of Sisyphus for a very long period of time which has greatly gained popularity in the US, Canada, Australia, and other countries but what makes their recent innovation different is the tech aspect involved. his work was mostly found in museums.

On this table is a magnetic metal self-rolling ball that forms a particular drawing pattern on the silicon sand beneath the round glass top. according to the designer, the rolling ball is the boulder that is being controlled by the Sisyphus(the man who rolls the boulder).

The Sisyphus itself lies underneath the table, It is a Computer-controlled rotating magnet positioned by a WiFi connected Robot arm. when powered, it lights up the LEDs within the glass thus giving you a good radiance and nighttime view. the tech mechanism is really cool, its a rare combination of tech, Engineering, and aesthetics. and thus it really gives the glamour in a sitting room, office, or some classic coffee shop. It could as well be used as side stools, coffee tables or simply a home museum artifact.

The Sisyphus mobile app does give you more power over control of the kinetic table. You can choose from different pre-designed user patterns or you can choose to do the design of your choice though it's very difficult however, some improvisions are currently being made towards this. Sisyphus is very easy to set up since it has no on/off switched. you simply plug in the power cord and it automatically calibrates itself, loads a default playlist of paths, and begins playing. You can control playback, speed of play, and table-lighting from the app or by using any browser to connect to Sisyphus with WiFi. During installation, more sand can be added according to your desire and of course if you want to see a bold art design while it's in motion. the sand comes with the table, you just pour it in and spread evenly.

I will also like to comment that the performance of the ball is so interesting that you can forget yourself or lost track of time just staring at it. It is a great deal of distraction but as well a good stress relief tool.

the price starts at $1,299 for the side table and $1,899 for the coffee table if interested visit the manufacturer website at

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