The Chrysler airflow vision; a concept car that was never meant for production. Seriously?

The Chrysler airflow vision is a concept car that was never meant for production. And so that leaves a big question why was it even brought up in the first place? well, we are yet to uncover the answer, so stay connected with our page. However let's take some snap detail about the concept vehicle, First, it was just showcased by fiat Chrysler as a shell during the 2020 CES in Nevada USA, even the upgraded version was only again in 2021 presented by Ralph Gilles as a sculptural concept. the car has never been presented in its fully finished form leaving us to wallow in our imagination what the creators of this car really intend to achieve. however, the concept car was designed primarily to give us a sneak peek at its next-generation

UX(User Experience). It envisions the next generation of premium transportation and user experience by considering how the driver and passengers could interact with advanced technologies. It is created for customers with an on-the-go lifestyle and a desire for a first-class travel experience while balancing their technology needs within a serene environment. We'll keep you updated when we have more insights about production, release date or added features. like our facebook page and don't forget to share your thoughts

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