These apps will help you to make the most of your Smartphone to increase Business productivity.

Hey guys, welcome to Tech and Telecom connecting Spot. In my previous post, I wrote about certain apps that will be more helpful to us than just the normal chatting and browser apps we install on our smartphones. if you didn't see that please just click the following link to read about it and share your thoughts.

Today I will be focusing particularly on business apps we can make use of on our smartphone. The purpose of this is to enhance productivity even in a relaxed and comfortable mode, No wonder nowadays businesses are providing smartphones for their employees; it is not just an employee benefit but because they understand the essence of having some of these apps on the phone and its not very professional if you ask me that employees should use their personal phones to run company operations since the phones have to be monitored to ensure employees use them in-line with company norms. Enough with the literature, I am going to share with you good business apps you can install on your phone. some are very great for teamwork, schedules, appointments, planning, etc. Be sure to read till the end and figure out which works best for you or your team or the business as a whole. I have used a few of these and it's perfect. Some are available on google play while others you can download at the developer's website, I will be sure to include links for more information including pricing for some.


Developed by Microsoft, Teams is your hub for teamwork in office 365. Easily manage your team's projects with file editing and sharing on the go. All team conversations, files, meetings, and apps live together in a shared workspace and you can carry it with you on your smartphone device. it is very best for productivity. you can chat privately or in groups and communicate with the entire team in delicate channels, Mention individual team members or the whole team at once to get all the attention of members. It enables you to focus on what matters most by saving important conversations and customizing your notification. with teams, you get the enterprise-level security and compliance you expect from office 365. Unfortunately, the app requires a paid office 365 commercial subscription but good tho there is a free or trial subscription of Microsoft teams. Learn more at


I mentioned this in my previous post. Splashtop is the easiest and fastest remote desktop app for Android which helps you to remotely access your Mac or Windows PC from your Android phone, tablet or other devices just like you are in front of the actual computer. It's an award-winning remote desktop product. for private uses, download Splashtop personal. The Splashtop Business makes it very simple to deploy Splashtop throughout your whole team. it is very handy in a corporate network, Team members will be able to access applications and files including word, PowerPoint, Excel, Outlook, quicken, CAD/CAM. It has a whole robust set of features including High performance, multi to multi-monitor, remote print, file transfer, user management, remote wake, etc. fully secured with end to end SSL 256 AES encryption. its streaming performance is fully optimized and automatically adapts to varying networks including Wifi, 3G, 4G and Perhaps 5G. Admins can fully control members' access to different computers and files. if you intend to use Splashtop for business purposes, you can visit to learn more.


Power Apps is a suite of apps, services, connectors and data platform that provides a rapid application development environment to build custom apps for your business needs. Further, apps built using Power Apps have a responsive design and can run seamlessly in a browser or on mobile devices (phone or tablet). Developed by Microsoft, power apps enable you to use business apps made for your team and organization. Install power apps on Android to use custom apps that were shared with you, Get work done from anywhere and on any device, Access, capture and share business data. Fortunately, Users can try PowerApps Plan 2 free for 90 days. Also, actually you do not need to worry, as when the trial expires, users who have access to PowerApps or Microsoft Flow through Office 365 or Dynamics 365 can still access PowerApps or Microsoft Flow.

4. Skype for Business:

Anyone can use the Skype for Business mobile app when invited to a Skype for business or Lync 2013 meeting. However, you must have a skype for business or Lync 2013 account in order to use and enjoy its full potential. Skype for business formerly Lync 2013, for Android, extends the power of Lync and Skype to your favorite mobile device: voice, and video over wireless, rich presence, Instant messaging, conferencing and calling features from a single easy to use features. Skype for Business integrates and works perfectly well with office 365 and Microsoft exchange. It has enhanced security via the Active Directory Authentication Library(ADAL). Search users or contacts by name, email or phone number, it lets you find your recent conversations and pick them up right where you left off. other keys features include the ability to initiate a group IM or video conversation and invite additional participants, Join, rejoin and initiate a Skype for Business meeting to communicate and collaborate on amazing ideas and you can control the meeting by muting or removing attendees and knowing more about participants' modalities. It's important to note skype for business app is only available for Android 4.0 and greater.

5. AppsVillage:

This is probably the easiest app builder on the planet. To get an app for your business is only a matter of a few clicks and boom! your app is ready. AppsVillage lets you transform your Facebook business page into an app thereby bring you closer to potential clients or loyal customers whom you intend to always bring back. It saves a ton of budget if trying to build an app like that of your competitor which might be expensive. Appsvillage helps you to build and manage your own amazing app, customized to your business needs and available for everyone to download. you don't have to be a tech person or invest hours to build an app on app builder websites, building and customizing the menus and screens of your app. you already have all the features you need tailored and ready for use. with the Appsvillage admin app, you can create, manage and monitor your app available to you wherever you and are and round the clock. through the admin, you can notify customers about new offers and updates, Giveaway coupons of discount to be redeemed at your business, allow customers to book appointments right from the app, add different types of external links viewed throughout the internal browser allowing you to use any existing service you may already have such as reservations, online stores, orders, etc. Amazingly it's cheap, choose to spend 7.49 Euros every month or 23.94 Euros every six months. fair enough, you can begin a free 7 days trial before you buy and you can unsubscribe at any time. I use this so I highly recommend it for business. It wasn't sponsored.

With their big screens, these applications will be so flexible on them. find a tablet that best suits your needs. here's quite a good number of tablet computers on sale


This mobile app easily helps you organize your work, collaborate with your team and manage projects. It was voted the best productivity app winner at 2019 webby awards. but that's not the reason for making it on my list. the app helps you manage for success by knowing where things stand at a glance, tracking of time and progress, visually analyze your data with multiple views, filter to display only the information you need and see who's working on what. It's very best for project management. prioritize with custom notifications, automate repetitive work and access your work anywhere and anytime. Fortunately, it is so easy to get started, simply pick a pre-made template, edit any section, add every kind of stuff that needs to get done and organize it by drag and drop. if this is an ideal app for you download it on play store or learn more at

7. Microsoft Powerpoint

Powerpoint is one of the applications under Microsoft office suite and though I really didn't want to add it here because its quite popular and everyone probably knows what it does and how to use it at least for the desktop version, I still felt it necessary it appears here since most people don't or may not know a few tweaks; you can actually sync the app to one drive such that what you've started on your smartphone, you can complete in on an actual desktop. you can make new presentations or work on existing ones and present with confidence controlling the slideshow from your mobile. In a subsequent post, I will show you exactly how to do that. A beautifully crafted presentation is always the winner, it wows your audience and keeps them listeners. Powerpoint makes it easy for you to collaborate with others. with one click sharing, quickly invite others to edit, view or provide feedback on your slides. Easily manage permissions and see who's working in your presentation. Impressive right? now if you are interested in looking for an app that has all the office applications the download OfficeSuite but it's not really free as depicted on play store, most of its features require a premium subscription. but then if budget is not your issue then go for it.

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So this wraps up picks for this first quarter of 2020, I will be updating the list as necessary so be my guest and check back from time to time. Its been Elvis all the way. Please do subscribe and leave your comments on what you think. you can also rate this site at the footer of any page you are on. I will hook up with you in subsequent posts. for personal reviews or recommendations, contact me and you know what? Huh it's very free

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