Why do people rush after particular Tech brands?

It's not uncommon to hear people say first impressions counts, Yes or No I will love to know your response about it at the end of this article. You know falling in love is one of those aspects that never get old fashioned. Irrespective of the age, there are those who do so just at a first sight, others, after a series of encounters and sharing of things together. For some, it's by the little things the acquaintance cares about them. Everyone has got their style of how to give or gain affection and whatever the outcome of the feeling during the first get-together, 70% of the time it will swim through the rest of the days. This is the same feeling most often with our gadgets. It's indeed the first experience that determines a lot about whether to continue with the same brand or switch to another.

On the part of manufacturers; Some really care about what their consumers are thinking about them especially if they are still emerging, other brands have already made their names and wouldn't really bother much except the market has begun to drop. But, note this if you are a manufacturer or a service provider, There are only two key ways by chance you gain clients; It's either they are coming across your product for the first time and are desperate to try it or they are unsatisfied with their current brand or service provider. when that happens, consumers begin to look for alternatives and by so they are inevitable to any solution that will work.

In this article, I am going to share with you some aspects of why people rush after particular brands, you will also learn how some brands manage to win new clients and keep existing ones. whether you are a manufacturer or consumer, I guess this will help either way by building your brand stronger or for the consumer, by expanding your choices. In one of my past articles, I wrote about Consumer tips The DO's and DON'Ts when buying PCs and smartphones. Click the link to read more about that.

Why do people Rush after Particular Tech Brands?

- BRAND IDENTITY: Some tech manufacturers already have their names ringing loud in the market to the point that whatever they make available becomes the first choice for consumers. For example, most people will go for a name they are familiar with such as Samsung, Apple than let's say X-Tigi, Creo, Bittium, Verso brands whether or not what Samsung is offering has lesser features than those of the aforementioned. Back in my country and I presume in most other places as well, it's a bit prestigious to have a Samsung phone than another unknown brand whether or not the particular phone is expensive than Samsung's or Apple's.

- UNIQUENESS: Its no doubt, every manufacturer is at least good at what they do, however, some differ from others in certain aspects which causes consumers to somewhat classify or deem them better than the others. this particular feeling or belief influences their choice about a particular brand for example Samsung phones are best known for their screens and sleek designs, Nokia is known for producing durable phones with magnificent hardware, Apple for design and security, Google and Microsoft for camera and software etc. An individual with a love for a particular feature will always go after a particular especially if they are current with their update releases.

- HIGH OSTENTATION: Now these are those consumers that believe the more expensive a gadget, the more value it has to offer, they are neither interested in how that product will serve then in terms of the features it has or the physical properties of the gadget. Because it's from a luxury brand, it makes a good choice automatically. but here's the tip, it's not how expensive a phone is that it will serve you better, it's important you know what you want or hope to have and go for it.

- MARKET TREND; I'm not so sure if this defines the subtitle but what I'm trying to explain is simply an instance where people are buying a particular gadget because everyone is buying it. It's important to note that a brand's name easily grows by words of mouth from individuals who are already using them than promotional adverts made by the particular brand itself. So indirectly when serving a client, you are serving the whole market, his or her satisfaction is what will get the next client. An individual's experience indirectly influences the people he or she meets and discuss about that particular brand.

- FOR THE PRICE-TAG: One piece of advice I always give individuals about buying electronics is to go for what that particular gadget will serve them not because it is the market trend and certainly not because of a promise the manufacturer made about it. Now, People stick around a particular brand because they offer a cheaper alternative to an expensive brand which isn't bad at all. The absence of monopoly has given birth to a variety of choices in the market. lesser-known brands offer an interestingly good option for gadgets and those who know this stick around them.

- UPDATE AND SUPPORT: Consistency with clients is a great aspect that pays. in effect people will always stick around brands that keep connection with their clients by offering regular updates and support. With each passing day, there is an increase in vulnerabilities and threats, with this, users are always in need of updates especially with regards to security aspects to keep their gadgets secure. A brand like Apple, Huawei, Nokia is quite impressive with security updates. Brands like Samsung pay great attention to their client needs. A vast majority of brands have a built-in application that automatically sends crash or error reports to the manufacturer and brands such as apple automatically download updates as they become available directly from Apple servers.

So this rounds the reasons why people rush after a particular brand, I'm hoping there could be more as I continue with my research. Should there be any, the update will be made to this post. please feel free to leave your contributions or share your thoughts about this article. If you are a manufacturer or service provider, capitalising or investing time to ponder on some of these points will greatly mean well for your business. Be sure to check my post on Consumer tips and don't forget to answer the question I asked in the opening lines of this article. Thanks for reading

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